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Event staging is an incredibly important component of successful event planning. It’s the first step in setting the mood and scene for attendees before they even arrive and can often be a key factor in delivering on the overall experience. The staging is where performers or presenters will present their show and set the tone of the event, and contributes to its overall appeal. If you are looking for a stage that will make a massive difference to your event, the Super Roof from Production Hire could be the perfect solution. 

Without proper staging, events can feel dull and uninspiring. Without it, there is no backdrop or atmosphere to create intrigue or to separate it from any other gathering. The design, size, lighting, audio/visual equipment, props, and accessories are all part of staged elements that come together to form one cohesive scene that helps draw people into the particular event’s story. It should not be underestimated how much this contributes to the success of an event – if done well, then your event should already be off to a great start. When selecting a venue space for an event, consider what kind of staging will be needed in order for guests and performers alike to experience something that leaves a lasting impression!

Technical specifications of the Super Roof Stage

The Super Roof is an incredibly versatile stage and roofing system which can be used as a black box, festival-style stage. The roof is made from a lightweight, waterproof material that can be used repeatedly. 

The roof is lifted using the latest generation, safety compliant winch devices. Thanks to the applied technology and trained staff, all these structures are fast to erect and dismantle.

Our Super Roof is available in various configurations, making it perfect for your bespoke event. Choose from the following options: 

  • 16m x 11m
  • 16m x 15m
  • 18m x 11m
  • 18m x 15m
  • 20m x 15m


The clearance is 9m from the stage to the lowest part of the roof which has a loading capacity of 14 tonnes and allows for  lighting, audio and LED screens to be safely rigged. Included in your package are an access ramp and stairs that can be adapted to suit your chosen venue. 

The Super Roof is supplied with a standard 4m x 4m front-of-house booth that can be split into two levels if required. Larger front-of-house structures can be provided on request. 

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A dedicated set-up and take-down team 

The building phase of the Super Roof is the most crucial part of producing a successful event. Once the stage design has been completed, our team begins the process of bringing all of the necessary equipment to your venue. We provide our clients with a dedicated team able to set up the Super Roof stage on a three-day turnaround. Additionally, our experienced technicians take care of any other installation needs needed for an optimal outcome – ensuring that everything runs smoothly before the start of the event.

We carefully monitor each step in order to guarantee that all aspects are set up according to all safety regulations while also maximizing efficiency and keeping costs down. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that the building phase will result in maximum success when it comes time for lights and music to fill your venue – or for an inventive show display to be unleashed – something that no audience member will soon forget! Event production requires expertise, attention to detail and precision- qualities which we at this company pride ourselves on providing our clients with every single time. Once you have finished with your staging, our dedicated team will return and deconstruct it safely over a two-day period. 

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Stage in use

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  • 9m clearance from stage

  • 14 Tonne loading capacity

  • Available Sizes

  • 20m x 15m

  • 18m x 15m

  • 18m x 11m

  • 16m x 15m

  • 16m x 11m

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