L-Acoustics 12XT

L'Acoustics 12XT

L-Acoustics 8XT

L'Acoustics 8XT

L-Acoustics A15 Focus

L'Acoustics A15

L-Acoustics A15 Wide

L'Acoustics A15

L-Acoustics Arc 2

L'Acoustics Arc

L-Acoustics Arc Focus

L'Acoustics Arc

L-Acoustics Arc Wide

L'Acoustics Arc

L-Acoustics Syva Low

L'Acoustics Syva

L-Acoustics Syva Sub

L'Acoustics Syva

L-Acoustics Syva Top

L'Acoustics Syva

L-Acoustics X12

L'Acoustic X12

L-Acoustics XT115 HiQ

L'Acoustic HiQ

Martin Audio SXH 218


Turbosound TFM 560

Turbosound TFM 560 Wedge

Turbosound TQ425

Turbosound Sub TQ 425

Slick GS

G.S. Truss is a 347mm OD square truss. GS Truss is also widely used in tower applications and can be made into a self-climbing tower with the addition of a purpose built steel base unit, head block and a variety of Sleeve Blocks.

Stage in use

Hire Our Super Roof!

We still have availability for the Super Roof this summer!
  • 9m clearance from stage

  • 14 Tonne loading capacity

  • Available Sizes

  • 20m x 15m

  • 18m x 15m

  • 18m x 11m

  • 16m x 15m

  • 16m x 11m

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