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Who is Production Hire?



Production Hire, a leading event  production hire services company, has been providing comprehensive technical supply services for over 25 years. Specialising in sound, lighting, staging, and visual equipment, Production Hire offers a complete turnkey solution for various event types. This case study explores the company’s extensive experience, diverse client base, and commitment to delivering flawless event production services.

Company Overview

Established over a quarter-century ago, Production Hire has become one of the UK’s premier event production hire services suppliers. With a vast inventory of cutting-edge equipment and strategically located warehouses in West Northamptonshire, the company is well-equipped to serve events across the UK, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. Production Hire has gained a reputation for excellence in live sound, LED screens, event lighting and stages.

Production Hire


Throughout their extensive industry tenure, Production Hire has collaborated with a wide range of clients, catering to diverse event requirements. The company has developed a reputation for professionalism and top-tier event production services, from marketing agencies and festival organisers to local authorities and event managers. Each client brings a unique perspective and vision to their events, and Production Hire takes pride in being an integral part of their success. The company supports its clients in achieving their desired outcomes by providing exceptional production and visual displays.

Production Hire

Unparalleled Expertise

With more than two decades of industry experience, Production Hire has honed its skills in delivering professional event production services. Their comprehensive range of offerings includes live sound, LED screens, stages and stage roofs, and Layher structures. The company’s primary goal is to ensure that clients have access to all the necessary technical equipment for a flawless and highly professional event design-to-finish experience.

Production Hire


Production Hire’s extensive experience, coupled with its commitment to excellence, has established it as a trusted provider of event production services. The company consistently exceeds expectations by catering to a diverse clientele and delivering top-quality equipment and technical support. Whether it’s a marketing campaign, a festival, or a corporate event, Production Hire stands ready to deliver exceptional event production services and contribute to the success of every client’s vision.

What is Gala 2023?



GALA is a vibrant festival that emerged from a deep appreciation for the authentic, soulful sounds that form the foundation of dance music. Rooted in the values of community engagement, GALA pays homage to the originators and trailblazers who have shaped club culture while supporting and promoting artists who carry their legacy forward.

Production Hire

Passionate Commitment

GALA has remained steadfast in its unwavering passion for creating an unforgettable experience for the past seven years. Every aspect of the three-day weekend is meticulously crafted, leaving no detail overlooked. Above all, GALA embodies a party’s true essence, ensuring attendees have a phenomenal time. This commitment shines through in the festival’s dedication to providing crisp sound, a playful atmosphere, innovative design, and thoughtful execution.

Production Hire

Beyond the Music

GALA’s impact extends far beyond the realm of music. The festival recognises its responsibility to make a positive difference in both the local community and the broader scope of nightlife and electronic music. Embracing diversity, transparency, and environmental sustainability, GALA actively promotes these principles throughout its operations. Additionally, the festival engages in fundraising efforts to support causes close to its heart and strives to create a safe and inclusive space where everyone feels welcome.


With its unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional experience, the festival has garnered a reputation for its meticulous attention to detail and its ability to create an atmosphere of pure enjoyment. GALA’s impact extends beyond the festival grounds, as it actively advocates for diversity, transparency, and environmental sustainability. By fostering a sense of community, supporting charitable causes, and providing a safe space for all, GALA has become a shining example of a community-driven festival that upholds the values of dance music culture.

Production Hire

Who is Fables Creative?

Production Hire
Production Hire


Fables Creative is a pioneering company dedicated to transforming even the most whimsical and audacious concepts into meticulously crafted realities. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Fables collaborate closely with clients, guiding them from initial consultation to a polished and impressive result. Their in-house team of skilled carpenters, designers, and managers ensures that they never settle for anything less than extraordinary. Equipped with state-of-the-art workshop and CNC facilities, they consistently meet clients’ high standards by delivering uncompromising quality.

Expertise and Capabilities

With years of experience in the event industry, Fables boasts a team of specialised designers and crew members who possess unrivalled expertise. Their in-house workshop, complemented by cutting-edge CNC facilities, empowers them to undertake a diverse range of domestic and international projects. From constructing and projection mapping pyramids and colossal boom boxes to completely transforming shops and venues into immersive wonderlands, Fables thrive on pushing the boundaries of creativity. Fables leverage state-of-the-art equipment and pioneering techniques to bring the unknown to life.


Through their collaborative approach and seamless project management, Fables Creative ensure that their clients’ visions become tangible and awe-inspiring experiences. With an exceptional team of specialised designers and crew members supported by in-house workshops and CNC facilities, they can undertake diverse projects with uncompromising quality. From constructing mesmerizing structures to creating immersive environments, Fables embraces innovation and state-of-the-art techniques to bring the unknown to life. 

Production Hire

The Brief

Production Hire was contracted to provide a stage and a roof with a difference for Gala 2023, a popular 3-day independent festival in Peckham Rye Park, South-East London.

The Work

The initial stage design was created by Fables Creative and included a custom cladding system. Production Hire was tasked with designing a structure that would allow for the mounting of the decor whilst providing adequate weatherproofing and maintaining structural integrity.

After two months of design and research and three weeks of manufacturing the custom items, Production Hire installed the custom stage and roof ready for the late May Bank Holiday weekend festival.

customised stage design

The Challenges

As with every custom-made project, there are challenges to face, both during the design and implementation of the product.

During the initial planning stages, design issues had to be ironed out to ensure the integrity of the custom-built stage and roof wasn’t compromised, whilst building an aesthetically pleasing end-product.

Thanks to the abilities of Production Hire and the wider team, all design issues were handled and mitigated during the initial planning process, leading the way to a straightforward development and installation of the stage and roof, including the custom-made elements.

The Outcome

Once again, the late May bank holiday weekend saw another successful Gala festival which included a fantastic line up from the likes of Congo Natty, OK Williams and Analog Soul and incredible food from some of the best chefs and restaurants in London.

Registration has already opened for Gala 24 – register your interest here


Fables Creative to Production Hire: “…Also just to say it was a pleasure working with you and your team and I look forward to more builds in the future!”

Gala23 to Production Hire: “Echoing Saul’s (Fables Creative) words, it was a pleasure to work with you all.”

Production Hire

CAD Drawings

Top left – a view from the upstage left of the stage design.     Top right, a view from the downstage right of the stage design.

Production Hire
Production Hire

Middle left – a view from the downstage left of the stage design.       Middle right – a view from the upstage right of the stage design.

Production Hire
Production Hire

Bottom left – a view from the right side of the stage design.        Bottom right – a view of the stage design front on.

Slick GS

G.S. Truss is a 347mm OD square truss. GS Truss is also widely used in tower applications and can be made into a self-climbing tower with the addition of a purpose built steel base unit, head block and a variety of Sleeve Blocks.

Stage in use

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