L-Acoustics K1

L' Acoustics K1

L-Acoustics K2

L' Acoustics K2

L-Acoustics K3

L' Acoustics K3

L-Acoustics Kara

L'Acoustics Kara

Martin Audio WPL

Martin WPL Line Array

Turbosound Flashline TFS900H

Turbosound Flashline
L' Acoustics K1

L-Acoustics K1

K1 is the benchmark for sound at global stadium tours

and the world’s most renowned outdoor festivals. K1

has no equal in SPL per metre. Coupled with the

K1-SB, offers an unprecedented level of directivity

control, making it the leader for handling noise

containment and throw issues in outdoor settings.

With proprietary, state-of-the-art rigging, the K1 is the

go-to choice for precise deployment and lightning-fast

load-in and load-out.

L' Acoustics K2

L-Acoustics K2

K2 offers the same pristine, powerful sonic signature

as K1 in a lighter, more compact format and with 10°

inter-element angles for maximum versatility. K2 can be

deployed as a complement to K1 or as a standalone

system for events or installations with audiences

of up to 20,000 without sacrificing power.

Lightest in its class, K2 can be flown even under the

most stringent rigging limitations. And with the exclusive

L-Acoustics Panflex adjustable horizontal directivity, K2

focuses sound coverage on the audience only, handily

addressing the most challenging acoustic environments

or noise pollution issues for outdoor events.

L' Acoustics K3

L-Acoustics K3

Satisfying all the requirements for mid-size events from

1,000 to 10,000 people, K3 is a true full-range line source.

K3 integrates 12” transducers to deliver large-format system

performance but is dimensioned in a typical 10” compact

format. With reduced subwoofer and amplification needs,

K3 deployment is fast, simple, sustainable, and economical.

Boasting an optimized mechanical design for reduced

weight, K3 integrates easily into venues with space restriction.

Laminar vents for a powerful and linear low frequency

response, time-tested effortless captive rigging, and Panflex™

adjustable horizontal directivity, make K3 the right tool for

any audience and complements the larger K1 or K2 systems

for large-scale touring events, festivals, and concerts.

L'Acoustics Kara

L-Acoustics Kara

The Kara modular line source delivers ultimate flexibility

to any sound design with its optional low-frequency

extension. This active, two-way compact enclosure boasts

exceptional throw as well as smooth and wide horizontal

directivity. Deployed alone, Kara is ideal for enhanced

speech and vocal programs. With the SB18 subwoofer,

Kara delivers full range performance, capable of

reproducing high impact low frequency for the most

energetic music concerts

Martin WPL Line Array

Martin Audio WPL

WPL is a 3-way bi-amp, 2 x 12” large format line array featuring scalable resolution optimisation. This flexible approach to array optimisation provides greatly improved coverage, consistency and control compared to a standard line array.

  • 3-way bi-amp, 2 x 12” large format line array
  • All-horn, maximum-efficiency design
  • Exceptional signature sonic performance
  • Exemplary 90° horizontal constant directivity pattern control
  • External, dedicated, multi-channel Class D amplification
  • Scalable resolution for flexible optimisation of coverage, consistency and control
  • Industry-leading DISPLAY software interacts with DSP for highly-accurate array optimisation
  • Fast, integral 3-point rigging for up to 24 enclosures
  • Compact and light weight design with discreet side handles for ease of handling
  • Consistent coverage achieved ‘straight-out-of-the-box’
  • DISPLAY intelligent software reduces set-up time and eliminates trial-and-error
  • Improved audience coverage with reduced sound-spill
  • Touring sound reinforcement for festivals, stadiums and arenas
Turbosound Flashline

Turbosound Flashline TFS900H

The TFS-900H four way flown line array comprises a total of eleven custom designed drive units precisely configured over four frequency bands: three proprietary aluminium dome 1″ neodymium motor compression drivers loaded by a Dendritic waveguide, two high efficiency 6.5″ neodymium high-mid drivers loaded by a Polyhorn waveguide, four high output horn loaded 6.5″ neodymium low-mid frequency drivers, and two high excursion horn loaded 12″ neodymium low frequency drivers that utilise both front and rear cone radiation for maximum efficiency. The rigging hardware is fully integrated into the end-cheeks on each side of the TFS-900H cabinet, which also provide grab handle positions. Drop links at the front and rear of the box engage in the flygear of the box above in the array to give a range of inter-cabinet angles from 0° to 5°. TFS-900H cabinets are normally transported four-up on the TFS-DOLLY with a heavy duty shower-resistant cover, and can be flown directly off the dolly in blocks of four, with the rigging hardware already pre-configured for use. A simple TFS-GRID fly frame and TFS-TIP system is used to fly a typical array; no additional external parts are required to fly the system.

Slick GS

G.S. Truss is a 347mm OD square truss. GS Truss is also widely used in tower applications and can be made into a self-climbing tower with the addition of a purpose built steel base unit, head block and a variety of Sleeve Blocks.

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